UV Light Development

  • A white lamp with UV light, a journey from idea to product!

My friend Justin Klein likes to fish, especially ice fishing. In his fishing cabin there are a lot of baits and baits made of plastic. He enjoyed fishing in the fishing hut. But there was a distress, and there was not enough light in the fishing hut. The phosphor of the bait does not emit light. He thought that if there was a UV light to illuminate, the bait would be full of energy. So he hopes that we can help him design a light, usually can be illuminated, when needed, can turn on the UV, let the bait shine.

After receiving this idea, we are very excited. Immediately discussed with the engineer, a preliminary sketch was formed within a week. Send the sketch to my friend as soon as you are done. My friend likes it very much. I decided to proceed to the next step. We will start making 3D drawings right away and do 3D rendering. Put the product directly into the wall in the drawing. Lifelike! The renderings are exactly the same as the real ones. My friend was very happy after seeing the renderings. Say this is exactly the same as what he thinks in his mind. We will immediately arrange the next sample. The challenge was when the quotation came, and our production cost was much higher than my friend's expectations. Through timely communication and optimization of the process, we finally reached the price I expected from my friends. In the process of making molds, we strive for excellence and the quality of the molds is very good. The quality of the products produced fully meets the requirements of the highest level. Strict quality control on the assembly line. After receiving ideas and quality products, after six months of hard work.

After receiving the goods, my friends not only enjoy fishing and catching more fish. Also sold to big companies, making a lot of money. While enjoying the fun of fishing more fish, you can also enjoy the fun of making more money.















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