A double children's play bed product quality improvement story


Mr. Todd has been a bit upset lately.Not because their ROMP & ROOST product didn't sell well, but because it did.However, due to the poor quality control of the original supplier, the product assembly is very difficult, resulting in the return rate of 50%.The high return rate makes the whole project impossible.

Mr Todd turned to Simon for help.Simon assists in the development of quality standards.On the production line, quality control personnel are required to conduct 100% assembly inspection.Each product can be easily opened and assembled with great effort.When Todd went to China with trepidation to check 1,000 trial orders, he found that each could be easily opened and assembled.The defect rate dropped from 50% to 0. Todd happily invited Simon to sing karaoke with him.

The improvement of quality helps ROMP & ROOST reduce the return rate





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